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Ultrashelf's Favorite Decor Ideas for Spring

Two baskets underneath two floating shelves

Austin Merrill |

We’re jumping into spring decorating a little early this year in hopes to add a little splash of sunshine to our home. Spring has always been a time that celebrates new life and renewal, and we like to take a little time before we go into full spring decorating mode to give our house a little bit of a renewal treatment.

We spend the day deep cleaning, fixing any little loose drawer handles, or swapping out light bulbs, and we bring a gallon of touch-up paint around the house and touch up any walls that have gotten scratched or banged up during the winter months. We love starting with a clean slate as we enter the spring and summer seasons, and even spending just an afternoon giving our house a little extra TLC makes a huge difference.

With the amount of time that we spend in our homes, especially these past few years, it's really important that we set aside time specifically for home upkeep. It's easy to get caught up in the big, fun home decor projects, but the upkeep is just as important for the value of your home, and for improving how you feel when you're in your home.

A throw pillow decorated with a small rabbit print

Spring Motif

If you want your shelves to have a really concentrated Spring Field, consider picking a spring theme or Motif to work with. Sometimes this is a color, sometimes this is an object or an idea that you work with, but whatever you pick try and incorporate it in overt and subtle ways to really get the look right.

We recently redecorated some floating shelves with a friend who was looking for a very spring look on her shelves. She decided she wanted very traditional spring elements and so we gathered up some gingham items in her home color scheme, and because our friend loves all the baby farm animals that are born in the spring, we incorporated some subtle baby bunny elements as well. It sounds a little weird when we write it out on paper, but when you strike the right balance between obvious and subtle, your spring design can really pop.

Kitchen items on floating shelves

Spring Shelfie

After we have a clean slate to work with, will often clear ourselves of old Decor completely. Spring is all about new beginnings, and sometimes our shelves just need a fresh start. We will generally end up putting quite a bit of the same decor back on our shelves, but sometimes in a different order or arrangement.

We love the open shelving throughout our house because it gives us paste to add spring decor in small and subtle ways. We like to gather all of the decor that we have available in one spot, lay it all out, and try a few different looks on our shelves. In the spring, we often find ourselves leaning towards a more minimal look that has more color and texture than our winter shelf decor. But hey, they're your custom floating shelves and it's your house, so you do whatever you want to when it comes to spring shelf decor – trends be darned.

Four colorful vases

Spring Colors

Popular spring colors change every year, and in 2022 you can expect lots of dusty greens and blues to pop up during the spring season. But one color that we always incorporate in our spring decor no matter what the trending colors of the year are is green – and we do that in the form of greenery. House plans make everything feel more alive and springy. And while we definitely have houseplants on our floating shelves throughout the year, we add a few more in the spring.

About a year or two ago we discovered bud vases and they have become one of our very favorite ways to add greenery to our home in the spring. Bud vases can be purchased pretty much anywhere that sells home decor or even at a thrift store, and you can use these vases to hold plant clippings or little flowers. They come in tons of shapes, sizes, and colors, so it's really easy to find something that works well with your existing home decor. You don't have to reinvent the wheel every season, you can find subtle ways to add elements of spring to your year-round decor.

Two baskets underneath two floating shelves

Elements of Spring

In spring decor we typically see softer colors and motifs that have to do with things like eggs, animals, and plants. Spring typically has a very nature-focused element. We live in a typically cooler climate, so we definitely keep some of our winter elements in the home throughout the spring in an updated way. For example, we love candles in her home throughout the winter, and we still love the effect of a candle in the spring – but we might swap our cedar scent for something citrus.

If traditionally spring elements aren't your thing, we see you and we understand, so here's what we do. We try and incorporate new, fresh decor into our home that feels springy but that still matches our overall decor style. Our personal space has a very traditional, vintage feel with some strong modern elements running throughout, and we can't just transform our house into a Nancy Meyers movie set because that would be really fun for the spring. We have to find little ways to lighten our decor, add fresh elements to the space, and add a new feel that doesn't compete with our current decor.

A sign that reads, "Spring at the Silos"

Where We’re Shopping this Spring

Believe it or not, our shopping habits change with the seasons. In the spring you can find us shopping for home decor from Magnolia, Williams Sonoma, Grandin Road, and Anthropologie. You can also find us haunting the aisles of Target looking for the Studio McGee spring collection or at a handful of our favorite local boutiques.

When we shop for spring home decor we like to have a strategy. Because our floating shelves are one of our favorite places to decorate seasonally, we’ll always put open shelf decor items at the top of our list. We also always look for new greenery so we can swap out our fall foliage, new dishtowels are also always a must, and we make sure to leave room on that list for anything fun that catches our eye.

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