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Home Decor Trends to Watch For in 2024

Various houseplants in a bright and wood toned room

Austin Merrill |

As we softly tread into 2024, there's a subtle hum about the home decor trends soon to grace our spaces.

At Ultrashelf, we believe in the magic of blending timeless charm with touches of contemporary flair. Whether you're revamping an entire room or just adding a sprinkle of the new, these emerging styles promise to refresh our homes, keeping them vibrant and ever-evolving.

Nature as Decor

Various houseplants in a bright and wood toned room

Nature's gentle touch is whispering its way back into our homes for 2024. The allure of earthy elements has grown, especially as many of us have found solace outdoors in recent times.

This return to nature translates into homes bathed in colors and hues borrowed from serene landscapes, complemented by wood and, of course, the lively embrace of greenery. Truly, the heart finds joy in spaces that mirror the outside world.

Work from Home

A clean and organized work from home desk against a deep green wall

The tapestry of how we work has been rewoven in recent times, ushering many of us from bustling office spaces into the gentle embrace of home.

As 2024 unfolds, our home offices will evolve from makeshift corners to thoughtfully curated spaces. Gone are the days of makeshift desks paired with mismatched chairs. Instead, anticipate enriched color palettes, purposeful design accents, and the soulful depth of darker hues.

For those homes dancing in limited space, ingenuity will shine. Nooks and crannies will be transformed into intimate work havens, each with its own tale of design and function.

Ahead of the Curve

A large blue curved sofa decorated with various colored throw pillows

As we step into 2024, our living spaces will sway to a more poetic rhythm, celebrating the elegance of curved furniture.

Moving away from the starkness of rigid lines, this year beckons designs with softer contours. The beauty of curves, with their delicate allure, has been whispering to designers, and we foresee a symphony of such pieces gracing our homes.

Whether it’s mingling curved pieces with angular counterparts for a balanced dance or letting a room bask in the full romance of undulating designs, the trend promises to infuse spaces with a tender charm.

That 70s Trend

A 70

Vintage and retro designs have been popular trends over the past few years, and in 2024 we will see a focus on the 70s.

And nestled amidst this vintage charm, our custom walnut floating shelves are poised to complement and elevate the 70s ambiance in our spaces.

Take to the Floor

A bathroom decorated with mosaic tile on the walls and floor

Our floors will beckon for their own moment in the spotlight in 2024. We've sensed a gentle shift towards this lately, and come the new year, the elegance of herringbone patterns in wood will grace many a home.

While they echo tales from bygone eras, there's a renewed vitality in the way they intertwine with today's popular wood tones—a testament to timelessness when curated just right.

Additionally, our bathrooms will be adorned with the reemerging artistry of patterned tiles. Picture intricate penny tiles, etched with unique designs. It's more than a trend—it's an artful transformation we eagerly await to embrace.

Granny Chic

A room fit for the Queen of England

In the dance between simplicity and abundance, 2024 promises to embrace the charm of Grandmillennial. Often affectionately termed 'granny chic', this style is a tapestry of intricate patterns, tender textures, and vibrant hues reminiscent of the cherished tales told in a Southern grandmother's cozy abode.

While the purity of a white backdrop often cradles these Grandmillennial designs, there's a daring spirit in some that bloom against backgrounds of soft pink or lush green.

At Ultrashelf, our custom floating shelves are crafted to harmonize with every design heartbeat, including this lovely revival. As we stand on the cusp of this new year, we wonder: which decor whisperings are calling out to your heart?