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Handcrafted Custom Floating Shelves for Your Kitchen

Crafted for the heart of your home, our custom kitchen floating shelves provide a seamless blend of beauty and strength.

Maximize Kitchen Space with Custom Floating Shelves

Crafted for the heart of your home, our custom kitchen floating shelves provide a seamless blend of beauty and strength.

Simple. Strong. Effective.

  • Easy To Install

    Install in 15 mins!

    1. Measure
    2. Anchor bracket
    3. Slide shelf onto bracket
  • Heavy Duty Weight Rating

    Revolutionize your space with our 50lb-per-stud floating shelf – the ultimate blend of style and strength.

  • Always Hit A Stud

    Place your shelf where you want to not where you have to. With pre-drilled hole every inch, you can place your floating shelf anywhere along your wall and be able to mount to a stud.

The Ultrashelf Difference

At Ultrashelf, we believe your home should be as unique as you are. With our custom floating shelf systems, you can easily customize shelves to fit your own style and space by selecting the wood type, size and finish color.

Floating Shelf FAQS

How much weight can floating shelves hold?

An Ultrashelf bracket can hold 50lbs per each wall stud that it’s attached to. So if your bracket is attached to two studs, your shelf can hold 100lbs; three studs can hold 150lbs, and so on.

Video - How much weight can my shelf hold?

Can I order custom increments on my shelf?

Yes, you can choose custom increments on our website. The length increment allows you to measure your shelf length more specifically. For example, if I want a 24-1/4" shelf, then I would enter 24" for the length and 1/4" for the length increment. If you only need the length measured by the whole inch, then leave the length increment at 0.

How do I choose the right shelf length?

We can cut your shelf to any length from 12" to 90". We are able to cut down to an 1/8" increment to fit your exact space.

To specify an exact length that is more specific than an inch, first round the measurement to next inch and select that inch in the drop down option then enter in the exact length in the box below the drop down. For example, if you need a shelf that is 15-3/8" then select 15" from the drop down option then in the box below the drop down enter 15-3/8".

Can floating brackets be used in drywall?

We recommend attaching your floating shelf bracket to at least one wall stud whenever possible. If needed, the brackets can be attached to the drywall with a high-quality drywall anchor. We typically recommend using toggle bolts.  Please keep in mind, we only guarantee the weight rating when your shelf is attached to studs.

Shipping & Returns

How long will it take to receive my order?

Allow 2 to 3 weeks for production on all floating shelves + 3-5 business days for shipping. We ship via UPS Ground from Rigby, Idaho.

There is also a rush order option available at checkout.

How do I return my shelves?

Returns are subject to a 50% restocking fee + shipping.

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