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  • A beautiful bright kitchen with warm floating shelves.

    Floating Wall Shelves: The Ultimate Buying Guide

    Explore Ultrashelf's ultimate guide to choosing the perfect floating shelves for your space. Uncover insights on weight, materials, dimensions, colors, installation, and more to transform your walls into stylish, functional...

    Austin Merrill |

  • A beautiful bright kitchen with warm floating shelves.

    Planning Your Kitchen Layout with Floating Shelves in Mind

    At Ultrashelf, we believe that every detail matters in crafting this essential space. Our guide is dedicated to seamlessly integrating floating shelves into your kitchen's design, transforming it into a...

    Austin Merrill |

  • A room featuring sunny yellow walls and accents

    Color Trends to Try For Yourself in 2024

    Check out our color trends for the coming year. From sunny yellows, to deep reds, you're sure to find something new and exciting.

    Austin Merrill |

  • An open cupboard filled with dishes and spices

    Tips for Getting Organized in 2024

    2024 is in full-swing, and if you’re feeling what we're feeling, that organizational spark is lighting up your heart right now. Whether the year brings with it a fresh start...

    Austin Merrill |

  • An earthy green front door

    Popular Front Door Color Trends for 2024

    As you embark on refreshing your home's exterior with fun front door colors, don't overlook the interior. Ultrashelf's custom floating shelves can seamlessly elevate your interiors while complementing your stylish...

    Austin Merrill |

  • Various houseplants in a bright and wood toned room

    Home Decor Trends to Watch For in 2024

    At Ultrashelf, we believe in the magic of blending timeless charm with touches of contemporary flair. Whether you're revamping an entire room or just adding a sprinkle of the new,...

    Austin Merrill |

  • Woman placing decor on kitchen floating shelves

    Ultrashelf's Kitchen Floating Shelf Ideas

    Customizing your kitchen comes in many forms, one of which can be adding floating shelves. Floating shelves in the kitchen are a good idea because they expand the storage capacity...

    Austin Merrill |

  • A kitchen with floating wall shelves

    How Much Weight Can a Floating Shelf Hold?

    Whether you’re sprucing up the dining room, adding storage to your laundry room, or adding a little decor to the bedroom, it’s important to know just how much weight your...

    Austin Merrill |

  • Floating shelves installed properly to avoid damaged walls

    Do Floating Shelves Damage Your Walls?

    We want to walk you through what you need to know about installing and removing your floating shelves so that you can feel confident that they will not ruin your...

    Austin Merrill |