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Popular Front Door Color Trends for 2024

An earthy green front door

Austin Merrill |

2024 is predicted to be a year full of color and exterior makeovers—both inside and outside your home. We expect to see fun front door colors and cheerful exteriors this year. Changing up your front door color is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to boost your home's curb appeal and make a powerful impact on the exterior of your home.

As you embark on refreshing your home's exterior with fun front door colors, don't overlook the interior. Ultrashelf's custom floating shelves can seamlessly elevate your interiors while complementing your stylish front door.

Choosing a color for your front door and matching it with your home’s unique characteristics can be intimidating and challenging. But don’t worry, we are here to help you choose a front door color that will fit your home’s unique style and personality. Let’s explore this year's trending front door colors and see how they can beautifully coordinate with the warm tones of custom floating shelves.

Soft Pink

A soft pink front door

Pink can be an intimidating color to add to the exterior of your home—but a warm, creamy pink can bring so much color, vibrance, and charm when used correctly. White, light and dark gray, and tan houses all look amazing with a creamy pink door. So, if you want to be a little bolder and trendy this year, try a warm, creamy pink color on your door.

This exterior choice is beautifully complemented by custom floating shelves inside your home. Imagine the warm, rustic appeal of natural wood-finished shelves against the backdrop of a pink front door.

Handcrafted to your specifications, these shelves offer both function and aesthetic appeal, perfect for displaying cherished photos or favorite books. The combination of a creamy pink door and these inviting shelves ensures a cohesive design, creating a stylish and welcoming environment.

Earthy Greens

An earthy green front door

Green is a very popular color and we love that it isn’t just one shade that is trending. With green, you can go as deep and dark as you want or as light and creamy as you want. The whole color range is on trend in 2024, giving you a lot of flexibility to choose a shade that you feel most comfortable with and that fits your home best!

If you are nervous about a big change but want to add a little bit of color to the front of your house, green is the way to go. It is a good earthy, neutral color that is both welcoming and calming.

Custom floating shelves naturally continue this earthy, calming theme inside the home. Wood finishes ranging from rich walnut to lighter oak can provide a pleasing contrast to a green exterior.

Perfect for displaying your treasured items or keeping your books and plants organized, these shelves provide a touch of nature indoors, further enhancing the calming vibe set by your green door. Their clean, minimalist design brings a sense of order and tranquility to any space, complementing the style and functionality of your home.

Cool Blues

A cool blue front door

If you want another color that you can go as dark or light as you want, you might try blue. Deep blues are currently trending for the inside of your home, but on your front door, you can choose from a range of deep, dark blues to a more creamy or powdery blue. They are all favorable this year.

This is another color that can easily match whatever paint color the exterior of your home is. No matter if your house is painted or brick, we love that blue can complement cool and warm tones, making it a super easy color to gravitate to if you are nervous about making a change!

The cool elegance of a blue front door can be harmoniously echoed inside with Ultrashelf's custom floating shelves in a rich, dark finish. These handcrafted shelves perfectly balance the cooler exterior tones, creating a warm, inviting interior space.

Whether used in your living room to display precious mementos or in the kitchen for your array of cookbooks, these shelves add a layer of depth and character to your home. They are a testament to the fact that your interior decor can be just as trendy and exciting as your exterior choices.

Creamy White

A creamy white front door

A white door is always a classic, timeless color to choose from and might be the best option if your house is already a bold color! We love a slightly creamy white this year instead of a bright white. This will give your home a little bit of that classic charm, hide dirt a little more, and is softer on the eyes.

A creamy white front door also goes well with classic red brick. It helps tone down the red and brown tones, gives your exterior a polished, clean look, and creates a focal point for the front of your home.

Custom floating shelves can enhance the classic appeal of a creamy white front door. A beautiful contrast can be created with shelves in a dark wood finish against a white interior palette, adding a touch of timeless elegance to your home.

Or, for a serene, monochromatic look, white or light-finished shelves can create a sense of spaciousness and simplicity. These shelves are not just a functional addition but also an aesthetic one, offering a stylish stage for your favorite decorative items and creating a harmonious flow from your front door to the interior of your home.

How to Paint Your Front Door

A selection of paint brushes

If you want to paint your front door this weekend, make sure to pick a paint that is latex or acrylic outdoor paint with a semi-gloss finish. This has a higher resistance to outdoor elements, does not fade as quickly over time, and is easier to clean.

As part of planning, you should consider how your new door color will harmonize with your indoor decor. For a seamless transition from outdoors to indoors, consider matching your door color with the finish of your shelves or choosing complementary colors that tie the two spaces together.

Remember, your front door is visitors' first impression of your home, and your floating shelves continue that story inside. A coordinated color scheme will create a harmonious flow, enhancing both your home's curb appeal and interior elegance.

Then, you will want to prep your door depending on the material it is made of. But no matter the material, you will want to remove all hardware before you start priming and painting. If you have a wood door, make sure to sand it to get paint, stain, and sealant off so the paint can adhere correctly, look even, and last as long as possible. If you have a metal door, clean it with a degreaser and lightly sand it. If your door has any paint on it, make sure it is all removed.

Whether you are staying in your home or looking to sell it this year, increasing the curb appeal is always a good idea. Elevating your front door is a simple way to boost your home’s aesthetic and personality while not taking up too much time and money or having to hire someone to do the job for you. This is a simple weekend project that any beginner can do. And remember, it’s just paint. You can always paint it again.

Because we are committed to craftsmanship, all custom floating shelves we create are handcrafted in the United States. Made to your specifications, these custom floating shelves artfully accentuate your home.