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Easy Ways to Personalize Your Space

Easy Ways to Personalize Your  Space

Austin Merrill |

Personalizing your home is about more than just making it look nice; it's about creating a space that reflects the people who live there.

Whether you're moving into a new home or are simply looking to refresh your current space, there are plenty of ways to add your personal touch. From choosing the right color scheme to displaying meaningful items, here are some tips for making your home feel uniquely yours.

Mix and Match

Another way to personalize your home is through furniture and accessories. Instead of buying everything from the same store, mix and match pieces from different places to create a curated look.

Look for items that speak to you, whether it's a vintage find from a flea market or a modern piece from a high-end retailer. Adding personal touches like family photos, artwork, and travel souvenirs can also help make your space feel more like home.

We love framing our travel photos throughout the home. It's a fun way to remember all of the places we've been while incorporating some personal decor. 


One of the easiest ways to personalize your home is through color. Whether you prefer bold and bright or soft and subtle, the colors you choose can have a big impact on the overall look and feel of a room. 

Consider painting an accent wall in your favorite color, bringing colorful shelves into your space, or adding pops of color through pillows, throws, and other accessories. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors to create a space that feels uniquely you.

When adding color to your space, consider using colors that coordinate. Not every room has to be the same color, but when all of the rooms in your house coordinate, you create balance and rhythm in your home. 

Shelves: Custom Paint

Personalizing your Custom Floating Shelves

When it comes to decorating the custom floating shelves in your space, the key is to strike a balance between function and style. 

Start by selecting the custom shelves for your home with the wood type that matches the feeling of your space. For example, Alder may lend a more rustic feel to your space while Walnut feels classic and traditional.

To decorate your shelves, pick items that are both visually appealing and practical. Consider displaying a mix of decorative objects, such as vases, candles, and sculptures, along with items that serve a purpose, like books, plants, or storage baskets.

Remember to add items that are personal to you. A family picture, a framed memento from a trip, old souvenirs, and similar sentimental items can instantly bring charm and warmth to your home.

Another tip for decorating floating shelves is to vary the heights and shapes of your items to create visual interest. 

Mix tall items with shorter ones, and arrange them in a way that feels balanced. You can also add depth to your shelves by layering items in front of each other, rather than just placing everything in a straight line.

In addition to decorating your shelves, don't forget to consider the space around them.

Adding artwork or a mirror can help tie the whole look together. To make sure that your home feels personal, make sure to select art that resonates with you or has a personal connection. You can frame your own DIY art, or purchase a unique piece with sentimental value. To make the art in your home feel personal, we generally recommend steering clear of mass-market art. 

"To make the art in your home feel personal, we generally recommend steering clear of mass-market art."

Think Unconventionally

Think about times when you've walked into a really memorable space. Chances are, there was something unconventional about the space or the decor in the space.

When you add something to a space that's both personal and unique, you infuse the room with personality and memorability. 

A few years ago we had the opportunity to work on the redesign of a fishing cabin. Instead of finding cabin-esq art and decor for the space, we decided to frame up some fly fishing flies. It took a little bit of creative thinking to figure out how frame the flies, but when all was said and done, the impact was far greater than if we had just framed up a mass-market print. 

Think about interesting ways to change up the walls in your home. Find a unique piece of decor that represents you or a member of the household. Try something out and if it's weird, you can always change it. 

It can be as simple as collecting sea glass and displaying it on your entryway table. As long as you're thinking beyond things that you could walk into a Target and purchase, and as long as you're considering what really speaks to you, you can begin to craft a home that feels gathered and collected in all the right ways. 

"You can begin to craft a home that feels gathered and collected in all the right ways."


Personalizing your home is all about creating a space that feels uniquely yours. By choosing colors, furniture, and accessories that speak to you, and taking the time to decorate thoughtfully, you can create a home that feels warm, inviting, and distinctly yours.

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