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Learn how to Install your Floating Shelf Kit by Ultra Shelf

Determine your desired location for your shelf.

With your pencil, mark where the left and right edge of the shelf will be.

Now that you know where the left and right edge of the shelf will be, next step is to mark with your pencil where the center of the shelf will be.

Using a level and pencil, draw a horizontal line marking where the top of the bracket will be.

Using a stud finer and pencil, mark the outside edges of the studs.

Place your bracket on the wall aligning the center of the bracket with your center line you drew from step 3 and align the top of the bracket with the horizontal line from step 4.

Using a power drill and supplied wood screws, drill the screws into the studs. Note: You only have to drill screws along the top of the bracket.

Slide your shelf onto the bracket - You're done! Wasn't that simple! Now the fun part - style your shelves!

Need Installation Help? Our support team is here to assist you.

You can reach out to our support team via live chat here on our website, email or by phone 888-523-5575

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