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Gender-Neutral Baby Nursery Ideas

A child playing in a room with mushroom wallpaper

Austin Merrill |

You’ve probably seen gender-neutral nurseries increasing in popularity over the years,  and we are here to tell you that this is the year to jump on this trend. 

Whether you’ve decided to keep the baby’s sex a surprise , you love the look of gender-neutral nurseries, or you just want a baby nursery that can be used for more children to come, we’ve got lots of nursery inspiration for you. Here are 3 gender-neutral nursery ideas we love right now.

Mushroom Forest

A child playing in a room with mushroom wallpaper

Last year, when mushrooms started trending we got inspired by an Etsy shop, Breeze Woood, that sells the cutest wooden mushroom lamps. These lamps are made of beech wood and give off a warm glow that sets a more warm, earthy tone to the room.

We were also inspired by Project Nursery’s Boho Pink Woodland Nursery and the natural, organic wood furniture they used in this baby nursery. We specifically love the style of the natural wood bookcase they used from Crate and Barrel as well as their 3-in-1 convertible crib with the natural wood elements. Natural wood gives a raw and organic feel to furniture. Large cribs can feel heavy in a small room, so keeping the furniture a natural wood or white color make the room feel larger and not so weighed down.

Another cute decor piece to add a few more mushroom elements are these cute mushroom baskets. These mushroom baskets make great, theme originated nursery decor. We love them because of the natural material they are made by, and how you gain more storage for toys without the room looking cluttered.

Keeping the walls white for a simplistic, bright look, while mixing a combination of natural wood furniture and organic elements— like plants and paintings of forest animals— can really bring a cute ‘mushroom forest’ gender-neutral nursery together.

If you’re feeling adventurous, play with adding an accent wall. There are dozens of  easy-to-use decals of botanical foliage online that give a space more personality. This will keep the room gender-neutral and easy to transform as your baby grows or as you have more children.

We love the idea of having a reading nook over your rocking chair with books that are easy to grab. Our White Painted Finish Shelves or our White Oak Shelves in the color ‘Nature’ would be the perfect addition to your reading nook.

You Are My Sunshine

A mural of a sun rising above a baby crib

Most people have heard the nursery rhyme

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine.

You make me happy when skies are gray.

You’ll never know, dear, how much I love you.

Please, don’t take my sunshine away.

We loved the idea of basing a gender-neutral nursery room off this children’s rhyme.

With current 2023 color trends  deep yellows are having a moment and are predicted to be extremely popular. A gender-neutral nursery is the perfect room to incorporate some yellow into.

Bolder colors, such as yellow, can be intimidating to incorporate into your home, but you can add as much or as little as you are comfortable with in a nursery. Topping the list of our favorite yellow paint colors is Hawthrone Yellow by Benjamin Moore and Wild Wonder by Dulux.

You could have a bold, deep yellow accent wall, or keep it simplistic and white while adding some yellow accent decor pieces like a yellow baby blanket, rug, chair, or curtains. If you’re looking for a small pop of yellow on the walls, consider custom-painted yellow shelves to store books and other baby items. You could add them above your changing table for easy access to storage or decor.

Posters are a great way to add some color and creativity to a space as well. They’re an  inexpensive way to change up the space as your child gets older, you have more children, or you want to change up the theme.

We love this cute poster from Little Dragon Prints on Etsy or for an extra special touch, if you are having a rainbow baby, we love this poster from Wall Prints Factory on Etsy. If you want to incorporate an element of nature into your nursery art, check this Tree Sketch digital download.

Wild West

A western themed room with green cupboards

Deep blues and greens are also coming back into trend and incorporating those colors into a gender-neutral nursery with a Wild West theme is going to be a popular motif this year.

You can incorporate these colors by doing a deep blue or blue-ish-green board and batten wall, or doing half walls with board and batten to keep the space light and open. You can pick up a cute thrifted rug in this color to bring the darker colors down and keep the upper half of the pace light. Dark colors are great for hiding baby messes.

Using lighter color furniture will also keep the space from feeling too heavy. We love a white rocking chair and this old antique changing table Project Nursery used in their western-designed nursery.

Shopping locally at antique stores will not only save you money, but it will help pull the old western theme into the space. We love little touches of vintage books, a wooden name sign, a wooden rocking horse, and paintings of wild horses.

If you want to add some floating shelves to this space for storage or decor, we think our custom floating shelves would bring a cute but rustic feel into this space.

Gender-neutral baby nurseries are in trend but that doesn't mean you can't be original. Making your space functional for your needs is what makes it yours. Putting personal touches that mean the most to you and your family is the magic that brings it all together. Have fun creating your baby’s nursery.