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Color Trends to Try For Yourself in 2024

A room featuring sunny yellow walls and accents

Austin Merrill |

As we step into 2024, we see a world bursting with new colors. Moving away from soft neutrals, we're now welcoming bright and bold shades into our spaces. Let these lively colors inspire you, finding just the right spots in your home to add a splash.

While greens have been a favorite for a while, this year brings a mix of colors waiting to be discovered. So, let's dive into this colorful adventure together.

A room featuring bright yellow walls and accents

Sunny Days Ahead

With the embrace of sunflowers and warm memories, 2024 is lighting up with cozy yellows. These hues bring to our homes a warm, welcoming feel, reminiscent of the smell of fresh bread in the kitchen.

While yellows have a nostalgic touch, they can still look fresh and modern. Take, for instance, the shade India Yellow by Farrow and Ball. It's rich, blending seamlessly to wrap rooms in warmth.

To elevate this sunny ambiance, Ultrashelf custom floating shelves are an impeccable choice, adding rustic elegance to any room. Whether in a kitchen or a nursery, the touch of yellow always feels just right, akin to a comforting embrace.

A room featuring berry red walls and accents

Berry Delights

In 2024, the vibrant Raspberry Blush by Benjamin Moore emerges as a showstopper. This bold shade enlivens spaces, even in the smallest amounts. The mix of this lively color with crisp whites creates a delightful contrast, like a dance of old memories with fresh adventures.

The colorful palette of the upcoming year is vast: from dreamy ochres and deep indigos to elegant teals.

Complementing these tones, Ultrashelf custom floating shelves bring rustic charm, fitting flawlessly with the year's colors, ensuring spaces are both functional and radiant.

A room featuring cool blue and purple accents

Cool Blues & Purples

Blues and purples, despite the warm undertones dominating 2024, continue to offer calm and classic charm. Colors like Vining Ivy by Glidden don't just color walls—they tell stories.

While some might find bright pinks overwhelming, blue, whether a classic shade or a fresh teal, never feels out of place.

Paired with Ultrashelf custom floating shelves, blue walls strike a balance between old-world charm and modern aesthetics. And the purples of 2024? They range from the soft whispers of violets and lavenders to deep, almost black plums, each shade narrating its own unique story.

A kitchen with mauve pink cabinets

Feeling Mauvelous

While 2024 brings many vibrant shades to the forefront, it also witnesses the stylish resurgence of mauve. More pinkish shades of this timeless hue are making their mark. Still inspired by nature, mauve seamlessly integrates with modern interiors, offering both calm and vibrancy.

For those looking to introduce color without being too bold, mauve is the go-to. Shades from soft tints to the richer Redend Point by Sherwin Williams offer something for every aesthetic.

And to further enhance this look? Ultrashelf custom floating shelves are a perfect pairing, complementing this classic hue beautifully.

A well designed and decorated neutral color room

Follow Your Home’s Heartbeat

As 2024 unfolds, remember that if the colors we've highlighted don't resonate with your aesthetic, it's perfectly fine.

Designing your space isn't about jumping on every trend, but about tuning into what genuinely feels right for your home and heart. Ground your interiors with timeless pieces and then sprinkle in touches of contemporary trends that truly speak to you.

While our abode favors earthy tones, introducing subtle splashes of current colors is something we're open to. And to beautifully tie everything together, Ultrashelf custom floating shelves blend function with timeless appeal.

Ultimately, always prioritize what aligns with the unique rhythm of your home and heart.