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Behind the Design: Jessica Mitchell

Interior designer Jessica Mitchell

Austin Merrill |

We are long-time fans of Jessie Ann Design. We first encountered her work on Instagram and immediately loved the clean lines, contrasting colors, and definite sense of presence in every space she designs. Jessie's design style is clean, calming, and inviting — it's modern costal at it's finest. 

While peeking through her portfolio last week, we were all very tempted to find the fasted route to Balboa Island to spend a little time in the bathroom she just put together there. It's simple but very impactful. And the bathtub-tile combo is one of our all-time favorites.

We had the privilege of talking with Jessie about her work as a designer and creative thinker, and are so excited to share a peek behind the design.

Interior designer Jessica Mitchell
A chair in a corner
A bright airy bedroom
Decor on custom floating shelves
Decorative tile

What initially sparked your love of design?

When I was a child, I wasn’t sure why, but any space I walked into I couldn’t help but redo it in my head. One day I was at my aunt's house and she went to the grocery store, and in the time she was gone I completely rearranged her living room, and when I saw her pull back up, I thought oh my gosh you’re in so much trouble, but when she came into the home, she absolutely loved it and kept the new furniture layout for many years.

I would babysit the neighborhood kids and save my money and I would constantly redo my bedroom. I never thought of interior design as a career until one of my high school teachers came up to me and said, I think that would be really great for you — and a lightbulb went off. Fast forward and here I am with Jessie Ann Design and I could not be happier doing exactly what I love.

What do you love most about your job?

That’s a hard question because I absolutely love everything about my job. I am a very social person so meeting new people and having every day be a different day has been amazing.

For example, some days we are in the office all day, and other days we are going from one job site to another. But if I had to choose one favorite thing, I would say having those relationships with my clients and when the project all comes together for that last install. I have absolutely loved everyone I have worked with and am currently working with.

Being an interior designer and going into someone’s home, it’s very personal knowing what they like and how much storage they need and what’s in their closet or how they live like to entertain, or whether or not they have kids.

What design project has been your favorite so far in your career?

Bryant Drive. We are close to photographing this home so I cannot wait to share with you all how it has all come together.

This project has been so fun to work on. There is a hidden coat closet and everything was custom designed or built for this home.

Where do you gather inspiration?

I gather inspiration from my travels and what other interior designers are doing. I also do you go down the rabbit hole on Pinterest and find fun and new things I may have not thought about or I have seen.

How do you work through tricky design challenges?

Tricky design challenges can happen often but I like to work through them with a process of elimination and really take into consideration what my client's needs are and how I can make something work without compromising the design. Depending on how tricky the challenge is, sometimes I will sleep on it and make sure it’s the right decision.

What does true craftsmanship mean to you?

Craftsmanship is beautiful, knowing someone made it by hand In a world where things are mass-produced or built there’s something to be said about those pieces or places that are built specifically for you. When I design custom pieces, I know that it was built for that person and it’s one of a kind. 

If you could design a room for any celebrity, who would you pick and why?

Kevin Costner. I have been hooked on watching Yellowstone so that has a big part in my answer, but I would love to design a home for him. 

What's your go-to design tip or trick?

I would say less is more. I also love using real plants throughout the homes that we design, it brings a sense of nature into the home and a little bit of greenery goes a long way. 

See more of the great work done by Jessie Ann Design on her website or on Jessie's Instagram page.