Drywall Toggle Anchor


Drywall anchors are the best alternative for floating shelf applications without studs. Toggle bolts will work for drywall with no studs, plaster walls, or if your bracket does not span across any studs.

We recommend using 1 per support rod of the bracket. See below for quantity and size guide.

*1 Anchor per quantity selected

Bracket Length / Anchors Needed

10" - 2 Anchors

16" - 2 Anchors

22" - 2 Anchors

34" - 3 Anchors

46" - 4 Anchors

58" - 5 Anchors

70" - 6 Anchors


To install your shelf with toggle anchors, simply drill the anchor into your wall, then line up the screw holes of the bracket with the anchor. Then, drill either the wood screws or anchor screws into the anchor.

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