Our Baubuche Floating Shelves compliment nicely with the blue walls in this office. The floating design is wonderfully carried throughout the room with a beautiful floating desk and foldable drafting table. From the face of the baubuche shelves, it looks nearly identical to our Alder Shelves but if you were to look at the top and bottom off the surface of the baubuche shelves you would see a big difference. The Baubuche shelves have a very distinct grain to them. Click the image to go to the product page to see more.


We worked with blogger and social media influencer AmlaFied to create this beautiful dining room that matched her white oak shelves that we made for her kitchen on an earlier project. These are solid white oak shelves with a natural clear coat finish. She had us make them at our maximum length which is 72". Luckily our Studlock Brackets that are included with these shelves are heavy duty to hold up these large shelves because that size of shelf is not light since they are made of solid white oak. Alma Fied was even generous enough to make a video describing her experience is working with us. Click here to view the video.  
Maple Walnut Shelf

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