Shelf Installation FAQ

  • Can I Install my shelf over tile?
  • Can I Install my shelf over concrete or brick?
  • How do I install the shelf if my wall has no studs?
  • I have installed my shelf, but it is not level or does not sit flush with the wall

Your shelf installation should be a smooth process, so if you find yourself with any of these unique applications, please refer to our troubleshooting guide for help. You can also reach us by Live Chat, Email, or Phone for installation support.

Installing Over Tile

If you have a tiled wall, or plan to put tile on the wall where your floating shelf will go, then follow these basic steps to ensure a seamless installation process.

  • Locate your studs either before laying tile, or on the non-tiled portion of the wall
  • Mark where you would like the bracket to sit over the tile
  • Pre-drill through the tile with a masonry or tile bit
  • Install your bracket carefully, to avoid cracking the tile

Installing on Concrete or Brick

For your fireplace mantle, cinder block walls, or any other "masonry" type of application, follow these simple steps to make your installation process easy.

  • Line your bracket up on your wall and where you would like it to sit
  • Pre-drill into the surface with a masonry bit (if it becomes too difficult, a hammer drill gets the job done)
  • Place your bracket where you marked it, and drill the tapcon screws into your surface.
  • Make sure you keep the bracket level, and use an appropriate screw length for your wall

Installing Over Drywall

If your wall has no studs, then drywall toggle anchors are a great alternative to keep your shelf sturdy.

  • Using your bracket, mark where you would like to drill into the wall (1 anchor per bracket rod is a good rule of thumb)
  • Drill the anchors into the wall
  • Place your bracket over the anchors, and mount the bracket to the wall by drilling the fastening screws into the toggle bolts.
  • The bolt will "fan out" and lock into place as shown in the video

Getting Your Shelf to sit Level

If your installation is complete, but the shelf is tilting downward or upward, you can try this troubleshooting technique to get it in the position you want.

  1. Remove the shelf from the bracket
  2. Under one of the current screws holding the bracket in place, mark where you can drill another screw.
  3. Remove the screws and bracket from the wall.
  4. Place the screw you marked into the wall/stud, leaving it out just 1/8".
  5. Place the bracket and other screws back onto the wall.
  6. The bracket should be sitting somewhat on top of that screw now. Screw it away from the wall if the shelf is pitching upward, or into the wall if it is downward. Make small adjustments until it is level

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