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Create Your Floating Corner Shelf

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- Made in the USA

What are "Corner Shelves"?

Corner shelves typically serve as a unique solution to kitchen and bathroom storage or a modern organizational design that still keeps a rustic appeal. Using our floating shelves, you can customize them to perfectly fit your space. Get started with your corner shelves by following this step-by-step guide.

Step One - Determine if your wall is square

Graphic of a warped corner wall, showing that the corner is not properly square.
graphic of a straight corner wall, showing that it is properly square.

Using a carpenter's square, place it into the corner and make sure it is square. An uneven corner will not be suitable for corner shelves.

Step Two - Measure your walls

Measure your walls with precision to avoid gaps in your corner shelves. To make things easier, you can assign a "wall 1" and "wall 2" which will translate into "shelf 1" and "shelf 2".

Step Three - Decide your depth

Depth is the measurement from the wall out. The standard depth for most floating shelves is 10", and 11" is recommended for kitchen shelves. You can also contact our support team for design tips.

Step Four - Subtract the depth from the length

Since your shelves will be installed perpendicular to each other, one of them will use part of the adjacent wall with its depth. To account for this, all you need to do is subtract your chosen depth from the length of one wall.

For example, let's say wall 1 is 46" long and wall 2 is 24" long. If I choose a depth of 10" for both shelves, then I would subtract 10" from one of those lengths. We recommend subtracting the depth from the larger of the two shelves, so this would mean shelf 1 is 36"x10" and shelf 2 is 24"x10".

Step Five - Choose your wood type and stain

The next part of this process is choosing your wood type and color. Choose the shelf that best compliments your home from our collection of solid wood, veneer, and painted floating shelves.

Decide your shelf color with confidence by ordering wood samples, or contact our support team to help you decide the best floating shelf for your space.

Step Six - Order your corner shelves!

The final (and most fun) step is to place your shelf order! Once you have determined your wall is square, and chosen your dimensions and wood type, order the shelf of your choice. Contact our support team with any questions.


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