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Espresso Rustic Fir


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"5 stars" 

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Small Town Girl Life

"First time hanging floating shelves! I was a little nervous at first but I've seen them especially in bathrooms and kitchens and I love them! They're seriously amazing! Before letting anyone in the bathroom I gave them a little test! I pulled down with some pretty good force and they didn't even budge! I was impressed! And I put them up myself! I seriously love the clean clutter free look to a floating shelf! Now I want them everywhere!"

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John (cont.)

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"UltraShelf floating shelves arrived and I could not wait to install. Just a few finishing touches left aove the stove and we are ready."

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"Don't you just hate Halloween? Also, best shelves ever."

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This one's from us here at UltraShelf. We're not trying to brag, but our shelving is kid-proof. Well, not really, but they do support a lot of weight! 

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Kristen Price

"Super excited to mount my new walnut shelving. I'll be following up soon when they're mounted!"

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Courtney from "A Child's Nook" (cont.)

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Courtney from "A Child's Nook"

"Simply amazed by these Ultra Shelf steel bracket floating shelves! They are beautiful and have the most unique design!" 

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Little Nest of Four

"So there's no need to ignore the elephant in the room that we all struggle with...the dang TV...but I'm pretty excited about my new Ultra Shelf"! 


Nicole Peterson

"I LOVE my two Rustic Refined Fir shelves. I got them in 36 inch. They are super beautiful, sturdy, and perfect for my home! I want to buy more for my bathrooms! They are deep enough to hold quite a bit and sturdy enough to handle the weight. I definitely recommend these to everyone!"


Lori Sumners

"Kitchen reno is finished! Goodbye old cabinets, open shelving is the new way to go! UltraShelf builds quality shelving that's easy to install. I absolutely love this new look in my kitchen!"