Auger Bit

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Auger Bit

 3 day production time 

This Auger Bit is used to drill holes in your floating shelf for the bracket rods.  They are sized appropriately as to fit inside our provided drilling jig and drills the perfect size hole so your bracket fits very tightly inside the shelf.  

First, select the dimeter size depending on the type of bracket you are choosing.  The 9ER brackets need a 9/16" diameter auger bit. Both the Standard and Mantel brackets need a 13/16" diameter auger bit. 

Second, select the length depending on the bracket rod length that you are choosing.  The 4" and 6" bracket support rods need a 7" length auger bit.  The 8" bracket support rods need an 18" length auger bit.   


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    A Ultra Shelf Customer
    Karen C.
    United States United States

    functional, but the screw tip is problematic

    It's a drill bit. The screw tip is annoying, but it is functional if your drill is powerful enough.

    dana l.
    United States United States


    The bit that was sent was 6” This was not long enough to reach the depth necessary for the rods on the wall brackets …. Ugh

    Robert M.
    United States United States

    auger bit

    great worked very well

    Anthony F.
    United States United States

    Bit was OK for the job.

    First, we are professionals, and this was a very difficult installation. The 59/64" ( .7880") auger bit bored a hole that was way to tight tolerance and did not allow enough clearance for the bars to be inserted without jamming. The bit itself was sufficient for the job.

    Mike B.
    United States United States

    Don’t use the auger and the guide together

    Don’t use the auger and the guide together. I was very pleased with the quality of the shelf hanger and the guide. The workmanship is top quality, too. The problems start when you try to drill the holes with the guide and the speed auger bit. 1. It is a good idea but the auger bit doesn’t fit into the guide. The cutting spur sticks out proud of the auger and it impossible to insert the bit into the guide. So, unscrew the guide, drill a 3/4” deep starter hole, put the auger into the hole, slide the guide back over the bit and rescrew the guide in place. Reverse that procedure to remove the auger. The guide works great this way. 2. For the same reason, a brace and bit won’t work either. 3. The speed auger is way too aggressive. It buries itself into the mantle, fast. Not the right choice for this job. 4. If you decide on the auger, it is too short for this job and you will need the extension. 5. The cures: Ideally, Spring for a 9/16” twist drill bit with an extension and the guide. Or, try the above solution by using the starter hole and placing and removing the guide. Or, go without the guide and hope you’re going straight….keep in mind you have very little wiggle room for error. It’s a snug fit and those holes need to be straight.

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