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Your Not-Super-Typical Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Shaun Anderson | 25 January, 2022

JAN 25, 2022

Your Not-Super-Typical Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and if you’re looking for a gift for that special someone, we’ve got you covered. Gift-giving is a learned skill that anyone can master. Start by thinking about what the recipient already has, things that they love, and ways that they feel loved and appreciated. Think outside of the box. Gifting doesn’t just have to be flowers and chocolates, you can gift time and experiences too.

This year, we tried to break out of the super typical when it came to a gift guide for love’s favorite holiday, and we rounded up a few ideas that feel fun, personal, and don’t involve an eighty dollar bouquet.

Five Ideas for Her:

Image by Cake by Courtney

We believe in experience-based gifting. If your gifting someone who loves to bake, purchase a night at a baking class for them (like the one offered by Cake by Courtney). If you’re gifting someone who wants to up their photo game, purchase an online photography class (Tim Coulson offers a few great ones). And if your significant other wants to learn how to make their own yarn for knitting, we’re pretty sure there’s a class for that as well. Take some time to think about what activity would give your partner some meaningful me-time and look for opportunities to gift a class in that area.

Candle byMagnolia

Fancy candles are an easy win if you know what kind of scents the receiver of the gift loves. For Valentine’s day, skip the TJMaxx candle section and purchase something that feels a little fancier (and comes in a beautiful box). It’s a little bit of luxury in a gift that makes it feel eventful. Wrap your candle up with your go-to wine, a giftcard for a spa, or even her favorite box of chocolates and don’t forget to add a note. It’s an easy gift that can cost less than $50 and makes the receiver feel special.

Some of our favorite candles include:Magnolia candles,Voluspa Candles, and candles from our favorite small shop —Southern Elegance.  

Slippers byHeirloom Art Co

Slippers are a fun way to pamper someone on Valentine’s Day. You can buy slippers at a ton of different price points, so this is a gift that’s made to work in any budget. If you want to spruce the slippers up, fill them up with other fun gifts. You can add everything from the receiver’s favorite candy to gift cards or cozy socks. Our favorite way to gift slippers though is to wrap them up with a soft bathrobe and a good book. It’s the ultimate cozy night in gift that saysI love you in a fun way.

Our favorite slippers include: thesescandi slippers from Heirloom Art Co,these fluffy slides from Banana Repiblic, and thesegrippy slippers from Bombas.

Charcuterie Board by Ultra Shelf

We love a good charcuterie board and nothing saysI love youlike giving someone a board that they can fill with all of their favorite foods over and over and over again. Charcuterie boards come in all different shapes and sizes so you can easily pick something that fits the receiver’s style (and kitchen). We like to wrap our boards up with a few meats, cheeses, and some fancy champagne glasses to complete the look. But if you want to keep it simple, these stunning boards can be gifted on their own.

ShopCharcuterie Boards here and check out our favoritecharcuterie board accessories here.

Photo books byArtifact Uprising

Photo albums are making a comeback and we could not be more excited. We love the idea of gifting a photo book because it feels like you’re gifting a future full of memories. Linen photobooks are absolutely stunning and make the perfect gift. If you’re feeling fancy, get the book customized with some gold foiling and wrap it up with an old film camera and some rolls of film.

Some of our favorite photo albums include: these books fromArtifact Uprising, this more affordable option fromParabo Press, andthese photo binders from Rag and Bone Bindery that come in a million colors.

Five Ideas for Him:

If your gifting someone who loves the outdoors but doesn’t get outside as much as they want, try one of these portable bonfires. These baby bonfires are a fun way to spend an evening eating melted marshmallows and swappings stories. We wrapped ours up with some fun DIY smores supplies and a card to complete the gift.

Other mini bonfires we love:this table top fireplace from Amazon andthis long-lasting one from Pubilc Lands.

Image byBespoke Post

Interested in a gift that keeps on giving, literally? Try a subscription box out. Subscription boxes come at dozens of pricepoints and for varying durations of time so you can pick a box that works for your budget. There are hundreds of subscription services out there so it shouldn’t be hard to find a box that the receiver will love. We’ve sent everything from a Flyfishing box filled with new flies every month to a men’s grooming box that came complete with travel sized colognes.

Popular subscription boxes include:Bespoke Post boxes,Gentleman’s Box, boxes fromSprezzaBox, andBirchbox Man.

If you’re feeling adventurous this year, plan a day trip or weekend getaway with that special someone. Your trip doesn’t have to be big and elaborate. A chance to get away is always fun and when you make the focus of the getaway spending time together, it takes the pressure off of you to find something big and expensive. Look for destinations that are a 3-5 hour drive from your home and make it a road trip or find cheap flights from your local airport and use that as a jumping off point. All you need for a perfect weekend getaway is a a place to sleep, good food to eat, and time with your favorite person.

Keep things spicy this Valentine’s Day withHot Sauce Making Kit. If you’re gifting someone who loves cooking or is a hot sauce fanatic, this kit gives is a great gift. We wrapped our DIY hot sauce kit up with a few other essentials for an evening spent cooking in the kitchen and you can do the same. This gift is great because it’s fun, personal, and give you a chance to spend a little time together creating the world’s tastiest hot sauce.

Other kitchen-gifts for him that we love:These rubs for a grill master, this funbubble waffle kit, or thisindoor herb garden for your favorite chef.

Hats are a closet essential, especially if you spend a lot of time outdoors. We love gifting fun hats for Valentine’s Day because there are so many options when it comes to cool, unique hats that it’s easy to find something that the receiver will love. From repping their favorite sports team or outdoor wear brand to just a basic, good looking hat, your options are almost endless. Take your hat gift to the next level by wrapping that hat up with a few coordinating items or filling it with the receiver’s favorite candy.

We gifted hats all around last year and we picked a theme for each receiver. We purchased this fly fishing hat and wrapped it up with flies, a local fishing licence for the year, and some fancy fish seasoning. You can go really big with this gift of keep it super simple — either way it’s a win.

Other hats we think are pretty cool: for the DIY dude we love thisMagnolia hat, thisRodd & Gunn hat featuring man’s best friend, and this vintage-inspired hat from Huckleberry.

Written by Maddison Driggs

Maddison is a copywriter who has been working in the interior design and home improvement area for the last five years. From hands on projects to writing for your favorite HGTV home reno couples, Maddison has developed a deep love for a well-styled room with the perfect personal touch.

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