Ten Fall Shelf Decor Items That We Love

Shaun Anderson | 08 September, 2021

SEP 7, 2021

Ten Fall Shelf Decor Items That We Love

If you’re looking for a few fun items to add to your fall shelf decor collection, look no further. We’ve rounded up our very favorite fall floating shelf decor items that will be perfect to use for years to come.

Our favorite spots to shop forfall shelf decor are Target, Home Goods, Anthropologie, Etsy, local small shops, Heirloom Art Co, Magnolia, and craft stores. We like to purchase a few inexpensive items to create a fresh, trendy look each year and we’re always willing to splurge a little on a piece that feel a little more timeless.

Pumpkin Patch:

We love this pumpkin (and all of the other woven pumpkins in the collection) in a big way. The woven texture is subtle and on trend. Fall decor incorporates tons of textures and this little pumpkin is perfect for adding warmth and texture to a room. Especially if you don’t want your shelf decor to scream Pumpkin Spice Latte, this subtle pop of pumpkin is a perfect solution.

Pack of Pumpkins by Pottery Barn

What’s better than one pumpkin? A whole pack of pumpkins. We love the subtle colors in this pack of pumpkins from Pottery Barn. The creams and blues are a perfect combo and we can just imagine these in a modern farmhouse or a midcentury home.

Pumpkins byPottery Barn

You’ve heard us say it about a million times but if you want to add a fall feeling to your home, start with texture. These terracotta pumpkins are practically perfect and we cannot get enough of them. They look great on a shelf and are small enough not to overpower the rest of the decor. Because terracotta is a natural element, these pumpkins feel organic and bring a fun, earthy element to your shelf decor.

If you’re not interested in breaking the bank this fall, check out Target’s ceramic pumpkin line. We love this pumpkin because it’s a fun way to add a new shape to your shelves and still feel festive, but there are tons of traditional pumpkins in the line as well. These pumpkins are a win-win because they’re both inexpensive and classic, which means you’ll likely be using these for years to come.

Fall Foliage:

Burgundy Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Stemby Magnolia

Fall florals are the perfect way to add a little sprinkle of the season to your home decor. We love this burgundy stem by Magnolia because of its deep, rich tone and color. How many stems you add to your vase depends on the size of your vase and how full you want the vase to look, but with fall stems, you can easily pull off a less-full look — though we do recommend you start with at least two of these burgundy beauties.

Fall Stems byCrate and Barrel

If your home needs fall decor that is light and bright, look for fall stems that are a little more subtle. We love these stems forfloating shelves with a warm undertone. Add them to your favorite vase to achieve a seasonal look that is still bright and beautiful.

Cream Pomegranate stem by Michaels

If you don’t want to break the bank of fall florals or stems, head to a craft store like Michaels. More often than not, you can find fun florals and fall stems for under three or four dollars a stem. And on top of that price, you can almost always find a coupon — so it’s a win-win. We like sticking to understated florals and stems when we’re purchasing cheaper options because the more intricate items can sometimes look really fake.

Another great fall stem option is to forage your own. Head outside and find a few stems from nature that you love, check them for bugs, and style them in your home for a truly authentic fall feel.

Super Spooky:

Pennant byUptown Heritage

You already know we love pennants hanging from or near open shelves as part of the decor and Halloween-themed pennants are cute enough that we may just leave them up all fall long. We are here for spooky szn and we are here for fun decor that doesn’t feel overly orange. Plus, this pennant comes from a small shop on Etsy, which is a big win in our book!

Never have we ever loved a skeleton as much as we love this one. So tiny. So subtle. So classic. And so cute that once again, we’re going to add it to our fall decor well before Halloween this year. The raw wood tones feel very fall and don’t scream Halloween, which is our very favorite kind of Halloween decor.

Dracula sold byHeirloom Art Co

We love this book, and we love this really pretty copy of it. The yellow cover makes this book perfect for both Halloween and fall decor. It’s simple, clean, and classic — plus it’s a pretty fun read. We styled this book in our own homes with a few other spooky reads like The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Frankenstein, and The Woman in Black.

Where do you shop for fall and Halloween shelf decor? Tell us in the comments!

Written by Maddison Driggs

Maddison is a copywriter who has been working in the interior design and home improvement area for the last five years. From hands on projects to writing for your favorite HGTV home reno couples, Maddison has developed a deep love for a well-styled room with the perfect personal touch.

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