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Shelf Decor from the Hearth and Hand Fall Collection at Target

Shaun Anderson | 10 August, 2021

AUG 10. 2021

Our Favorite Shelf Decor from the Hearth and Hand Fall Collection at Target

Our girl, the queen of shiplap — Joanna Gaines — has done it again. The Hearth and Home Magnolia collection at Target just launched it’s fall line and everything is *chef’s kiss*. Though we may just go buy the entire collection, we’ve rounded up our favorite shelf decor items that give your home that subtle fall feel. If you crave cozy, this collection is for you.

Paddle Serving Boards

One of our favorite items from the new Hearth and Hand Magnolia line are these paddle serving boards. They pair perfectly together and look great stacked on floating shelves — plus they are actually useable. While we love stunning decor, it wins double points in our book when the decor doubles down and gets functional.

And if you want to keep these paddles up year round, we won’t tell. We’ll just admire your pretty shelves.

Purchase the paddles here.

Fall Florals

Switching up the florals in your home is one of the easiest ways to keep your home decor feeling fresh and seasonal. We also love adding seasonal stems because it’s so inexpensive. These stems are great transitional decor because of the mix of greens, browns, and gold. We’ll be swapping out our summer sprigs for these stems as fast as we can.

The Hearth and Hand collection boasts an array of fun fall florals and stems, so you’re sure to find an affordable piece of shelf decor in the collection.

Shop the stems here.

Classic Chalkboard

Can you say cute?? We love that vintage styles are starting to make a comeback this year and this chalkboard is the perfect addition to any space. It’s small enough to sit on a shelf, but still packs a big enough punch to hang on a wall. If you have vintage pieces in your home, this chalkboard looks authentic enough to blend right in. For us, fall always means back-to-school vibes and this little green board checks that box as well.

Buy the board here.


When you think of fall decor, you probably think soft hues and warm tones. These barn paintings though, are the perfect touch of fall decor for homes with cooler tones and decor. You can warm up the look by using a gold or wooden frame, or you can balance out your alder shelves with the cooler tones in the picture. It definitely doesn’t need to be confined to rooms with blue decor themes.

These pictures are the perfect size for shelf decor and can easily transition into spring decor as well.

Pick your pictures here.

Copper Clock

This clock feels classic and modern, all at the same times. We have a love-hate relationship with decorating with clocks because we rarely see ones that really stand out. This clock though, made us stop in our tracks. We had to have it. It’s perfect for the kitchen wall, a modern collage wall, or for your floating shelves. If you do grab this clock, be prepared for people to stop and stare because it’s even prettier in person.

Curate with copper clocks here.

Ceramic Candles

Calling all candle lovers, these candles really are the best of both worlds. Not only do all of the new scents in the Hearth and Hand Target line smell amazing, but the jars are stunning as well. We love candles (we have a closet shelf entirely dedicated to the candles we love so much) but rarely do you find a candle this cute. It’s easy to double these as floating shelf decor and then upcycle them when you’re done burning them.

We spent a long time sniffing candles in Target today because this new line has lots of candles. And though it’s hard to pick, our favorite scent is probably Harvest Spice.

Shop candles here.

Tea Kettle

We didn’t think the perfect tea kettle existed and Joanna Gaines proved us wrong. This is another item that stopped us mid Target aisle. We love functional decor, we’ve talked about it a thousand times. We also love this stunning white tea pot. We want to put it up on the Maple floating shelves we have in our kitchen and stare at it all day long. This simple, classic design makes a statement and really does pop as home decor. Pair it with new Magnolia mugs and your favorite blend of tea and you are set.

Take home a tea kettle by shopping here.

Did we miss any of your favorites from the Hearth and Hand Fall Collection? If we did, drop a comment and tell us here.

Written by Maddison Driggs

Maddison is a copywriter who has been working in the interior design and home improvement area for the last five years. From hands on projects to writing for your favorite HGTV home reno couples, Maddison has developed a deep love for a well-styled room with the perfect personal touch.

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