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Our Favorite Hearth and Hand Holiday Collection Items

Shaun Anderson | 02 November, 2021

NOV 2, 2021

Our Favorite Hearth and Hand Holiday Collection Items

Our queen, Joanna Gaines, and the rest of the Magnolia team have done it again. The Hearth and Hand holiday collection officially launched at Target at the end of October (with a few items launching early November) and everything in the collection makes us want to cuddle up, bake gingersnaps, and peacefully watch the snow fall down in our yard. Is that wishful thinking? Probably. Do you know what’s not wishful thinking? Us buying everything from this collection the day it launches.

Metal Cake Stand

You can find this cake stand on our floating kitchen shelves any time we’re not using it to show off a holiday cake. We love the detailing on this beautiful cake stand. It's simple, geometric, and very reminiscent of a trip we took through Europe a few years ago. We love that copper accents are coming back and seem to have some staying power with them. Whether you need decor for kitchen shelves, or you're just looking for something absolutely beautiful to display a holiday creation on, this might be the cake stand you've been looking for.

Wood Toys

We adore wooden toys, and we love that Joanna Gaines makes wooden toys that are cuter than any other wooden toys you've ever seen. The new collection has a myriad of wooden toys and each one is just as cute as the last. While we do plan to snag a few of these toys for stocking stuffers this year, we also love the idea of using these on shelving in a child's room as decor.

Family Recipe Book

This recipe book is different than a lot of recipe books that you see right now, and that makes it such a fun and unique addition to any kitchen. The cover on this book is beautiful, which means it's going to make a great shelf decor, but the layout of this book is what really sold us on it. We love the layout of the inside pages and the ability that we have to write down all of our favorite family recipes that we have to call our grandmother to get every few months when we want to make them again. It's really sleek and would make a great gift if you’ve got a cook on your list for Christmas this year.

Sweater Dishcloths

These darling dishcloths might be too cute to use. I don't know about you and your house, but we cycle through dishcloths pretty fast here, so we're always on the lookout for cute dishcloths to add to our kitchen. This set is so fun and holiday-oriented, but you could definitely use these well past the holiday season. Did we add a pack or two to our Target cart? Yes, yes we did.

Metal Measuring Cups

Measuring cups are a kitchen staple, there are a necessity – but when they're this cute they almost feel like a luxury. We love these measuring cups. They're so cute! This measuring cup set also has a set of measuring spoons that match and you better believe we'll be buying that set as well. These measuring cups are great for decor purposes, but you can definitely put them to good use in the kitchen too. Metal measuring cups with a leather strap? Pretty much our dream set.

Fluted Pitcher

Pitchers are some of our favorite things to style with when it comes to kitchen shelves. When we saw this pitcher though, we thought about the fact that it might need to go on kitchen shelves, on shelves in bedrooms, and pretty much every shelf that we've ever seen. Because while you can style this beautiful fluted pitcher for a kitchen, add a few fun florals to it and it acts as a unique vase in another space. We love the lines on this pitcher, they keep it so sleek and elegant, while the curve of the handle gives it a soft, feminine feel. Something about this pitcher feels very classic and we are here for it.


He loves stockings and the entire new Hearth and Hand collection is full of beautiful, fun stockings. Whether you're team same-stockings-for-your-entire-life or you're team shake-up-your-stockings-every-few-years, there might be something enticing in this collection for you. The new collection features a blend of vintage-inspired and modern stockings so there's certainly something for above every fireplace.

Citrus Diffuser

In the last few years, we've become big fans of reed diffusers and the reed diffusers in the new Hearth and Hand line are no exception. We love this winter citrus scent because it marries the bright, tangy citrus smell with a warm burst of cinnamon and clove. It’s welcoming, inviting, and innately cozy. This collection offers a variety of scents, and everything comes in these beautiful bottles. So whether you're looking for something small and delicate to put on your shelves or something to put in a stocking, these oil diffusers might be just what you're looking for.

What items from the new collection are you obsessed with? We want to know!

Written by Maddison Driggs

Maddison is a copywriter who has been working in the interior design and home improvement area for the last five years. From hands on projects to writing for your favorite HGTV home reno couples, Maddison has developed a deep love for a well-styled room with the perfect personal touch.

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