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Introducing Charcuterie Boards by Ultra Shelf

Shaun Anderson | 05 November, 2021

NOV 4, 2021

Introducing Charcuterie Boards by Ultra Shelf

As you gather this year, and for many years to come, around these artisan boards we hope you’ll look at them and see our legacy of enduring quality and true craftsmanship being shared with you and your family. We cannot wait to get these boards into your homes, they really are something special.

The kitchen is the heart of the home and for so many years, you’ve trusted our little woodshop to help you bring a little life and personality to your kitchen through custom floating shelves. For years, we have loved entertaining in our home — inviting our friends and family to gather around the kitchen table with us and share food, stories, and a good laugh. These simple moments have turned into some of our favorite memories and we are happy to announce a new line of Charcuterie Boards designed to help bring these moments into your homes as well.

What Are Charcuterie Boards?

Charcuterie boards, and serving boards in general, have become more popular in the last few years. Once something reserved for high-end events and caterers, charcuterie boards have made their way into kitchens across the country – bringing the joy of sliced cheese, good salami, and crackers to kitchen counters from coast to coast. The idea of Charcuterie itself comes from France, where the art of cooking and arranging prepared meats and cheeses originated — but today Charcuterie is used in much looser terms. Charcuterie boards today are more like snack boards with themes, so while you’ll definitely find boards piled high with meats and cheese, you’ll also find breakfast boards, kids candy boards, and even meals served on a board, laid out in Charcuterie fashion.

Ultra Shelf Charcuterie Boards

Our Ultra Shelf Charcuterie Board Collection features three wood types and five different sizes. We offer handcrafted boards made from solid White Oak, Walnut, or Maple. The boards are all a foot wide and come in 2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, or 6’ in length. Each board, after being carefully crafted, is treated with a food-safe oil to seal the board. These boards are built to last decades — they’re heirloom quality.

The Three Board Types: White Oak, Maple, and Walnut

White Oak boards feature that classic oak grain and have a very warm tone. They’re a medium-toned wood and work well for any occasion. Our Maple Charcuterie Boards are the lightest wood we offer. These boards still have a warm tone, but they are much lighter than the other two wood-types. The Walnut boards are the darkest and we love this classic wood in Charcuterie Board form. And though any of these boards work perfect all year round, we cannot wait to pull out the Walnut boards during the holidays this year.

How to Style a Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie board styling isn't as complicated as that may seem on the surface. You just need to pick a theme, gather supplies, and throw everything on the board in an aesthetic way. Now, that last step is probably the trickiest part, but with a little practice, and a little bit of time on Pinterest, it's pretty easy to grasp the basics of styling a charcuterie board.

If this is your first time styling a charcuterie board, start with your biggest items first. Disperse them across the board in an even, but effortless way. Then start adding in smaller items until you just use filler items, like berries or nuts, to fill in the gaps. Charcuterie boards look great when they're filled to the brim, so we definitely recommend making sure that you have some sort of small filler on your board. You don't have to contain your food to the boards either, we love seeing herbs and grapes spill off the board.

When we style charcuterie boards, we like to use a wide array of colors, shapes, and textures to create a very visually interesting (and tasty) board. But there are times when we like to stick to one color or have a really narrow array of items on the board. When we style something like a Valentine's Day board, we stick to things that are pink, white, and red. That helps create the aesthetic of a Valentine's Day board. Picking a color scheme doesn't have to be limiting, if you're styling a charcuterie board that would benefit from a color scheme, go for it. You may have to get a little bit creative with the items that you put on the board, but that's part of what makes charcuterie board making so fun.

Caring for your Charcuterie Board

If you're wondering how to clean your charcuterie board, it's pretty easy. Once all of the food and decorations have been removed from your charcuterie board, take a warm damp washcloth and wipe the board down. You don't want to get the board too wet and let that water sit, so be cognizant of that. If you want to sanitize your board, you can use a small amount of dishsoap diluted on a rag. Once you have cleaned your board, let it air dry.

Never put your charcuterie board in the dishwasher or soak it in the sink. Too much water will cause your board to warp and crack.

Giant Charcuterie Boards

If you’re looking for a party-sized charcuterie board, the search is over. As our founders searched for a board big enough to fill with food for large gatherings, the idea for our large charcuterie boards was born. While catering companies and events staff have had access to these table-sized boards in the past, there have been so few options available for people who want these larger-than-life boards in their homes.

Whether you are looking for a centerpiece at a wedding, a gathering place for graduation, or a charcuterie stop at your next party, we have a board that fits your needs.

Written by Maddison Driggs

Maddison is a copywriter who has been working in the interior design and home improvement area for the last five years. From hands on projects to writing for your favorite HGTV home reno couples, Maddison has developed a deep love for a well-styled room with the perfect personal touch.

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