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Going (Galapagos) Green

Shaun Anderson | 21 September, 2021

SEP 21, 2021

Color of The Month: Galapagos Green

Colorful shelves at a great price? Sign us up. We are excited to finally be launching our September shelf color of the month: Galapagos Green. Galapagos Green is a deep but bright Benjamin Moore shade of green that works great in kitchens, bedrooms, and nurseries. These shelves have a high LRV (light reflective value) so even though the color is a dark, muted green the shelves don’t feel dark or heavy in a room. In fact, when the sun comes in, the sage tones in these shelves really shine through.

Galapagos Green is a vintage green that works great in both vintage and modern homes. If you happen to own a set of Hearth and Hand bowls from the Target Magnolia collection, they are the exact same color as these shelves. We’d like to claim that was intentional but for now, we’ll cop to it being a happy accident. The green has a neutral undertone and feels like a dark sage.

We love these green floating shelves paired with white, cream, blue, tan, and of course, greige.

Green Floating Shelves for Bedrooms

As all-white interiors trend out and earth tones and subtle colors begin to trend in again, these green floating shelves are a great addition to your home. The sweet nursery styling makes these shelves seem as if they were made for a kid’s room. The gender-neutral green works great for any bedroom and gives the room that perfect splash of vintage color.

When styling floating shelves for a kid’s room here are a few of our go-to items: pictures, stuffed animals, books, tiny baby shoes (*insert little sigh here*), and anything sentimental. We also love plants on shelves but in a kid’s room or nursery, we usually stick to fake greenery because it’s easier to keep alive (duh) and if you kids pull them off the shelves, there’s no big mess to clean up — which is a win in our book. Kids shelves are a great place to get creative too. We like giving kids paint in coordinating colors and letting them create the art that goes up on the shelves. It’s craft time turned easy art for shelf decor.

For master suites or guest bedrooms in the home, these green shelves work great as well. Because this green is basically a neutral, you can add it to any room that needs a little pop of subtle color. This particular shade of green looks great with grey and gold and when we added these shelves to a room that was all white and tan and beige, we were pleasantly surprised by just how well things seemed to flow together.

For bedroom shelves here are a few of our go-to items for styling bedroom shelves: framed sentimental items (like concert ticket stubs), family photos, vases with greenery, art, color-coordinated books, seasonal items, bowls, plants, and ceramic boxes. We love adding just a few subtle pops of the season with little decor items in the bedroom. This fall we are loving woven pumpkins and seasonal art on our shelves.

Open Shelf Installation

Installing painted shelves works the same way as installing our wood shelves. You will receive one of our patent-pending stud lock brackets that fits your shelf length. After you install your bracket on the wall, all you need to do is slip your shelf on and start styling. These shelves are high quality and heavy, so make sure that you attach your shelves to at least one wall stud.

For each stud you attach your floating shelf bracket to, your shelf can hold 50lbs. You will need a drill to install your shelves as well, so if you don’t own one, borrow one from a neighbor or see if your local hardware store offers rentals.

Are you ready to go green with Ultra Shelf? Click here to shop our painted shelf selection.

Written by Maddison Driggs

Maddison is a copywriter who has been working in the interior design and home improvement area for the last five years. From hands on projects to writing for your favorite HGTV home reno couples, Maddison has developed a deep love for a well-styled room with the perfect personal touch.

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