Back to School Traditions

Shaun Anderson | 19 August, 2021

August 19, 2021

Back to School Traditions

The Ultra Shelf team shares their back to school memories and traditions and share ideas for traditions you can start in your family.

Back to school season usually brings with it back-to-school traditions. From school supply shopping to special dinners, here are a few of our favorite back to school traditions that we look back on and remember fondly.

Employee: Chase Driggs - HR Director & Customer Service Manager

Back to School Tradition - Shopping and Lunch

At my house we would go back to school shopping every year with my mom and then she would take us out to lunch. It was always a fun time and we continued the tradition for a long time. I may not have always loved school, but I’ve never been a guy to say no to free lunch. We would also spend time together as a family the night before school started and talk about goals for the upcoming year. I have a lot of good memories and I am excited to continue these traditions with my own family.

Employee: Maddison Dayton - Social Media Manager

Back to School Tradition: Pictures

The first year we moved into our house, my dad and mom planted this little tree in the front yard. A few months later, my siblings and I took our back-to-school pictures next to the tree. Every year, we took pictures in the same spot and if you look at all the pictures, you can see us growing right next to the tree. We moved right before I started my junior year, so I missed a few years worth of tree pictures. I have this big box of old film pictures in the top of my closet and I pull them down and leaf through them from time to time to find these back to school pictures — they’re some of my favorites. I loved school. It was my favorite. And I loved these pictures enough that I snuck back and took a picture in front of this tree on my last day of college.

Employee: Liz Luthy - Director of Email Marketing and Customer Service

Back to School Tradition: Shoe Shopping

Back to school always meant Autumn was coming. I couldn’t wait for the crisp air and crunchy leaves, but most of all, it meant new shoes. I’d spend hours pouring over catalogs, trying to pick one, perfect pair.

Employee: Children of Shaun Anderson - Director of Marketing

Tradition: School Clothes Shopping

Shaun's kids showing off their new school clothes.

Living in a small town like Rexburg Idaho has a lot of advantages such as giving your kids a great authentic childhood experience. But when it comes to great shopping, it has its limits. And while it is easy and convenient to just buy your school clothes online these days, where's then fun in that? We've made it a tradition to go to the big city (Salt Lake City) and shop our favorite malls and our favorite brand stores (J.Crew at the top of our list). We make a fun weekend out of the trip by doing other activities as well. This year we went to a theme park called Lagoon for a day. Clothes shopping and roller coster riding all in one weekend - what a blast, then back to rexburg to pick raspberries.  

Fun Back to School Traditions to Try at Your House:

  • Special back-to-school dinner
  • Write a note for the teachers
  • Create a back to school countdown
  • Bake a special back-to-school dessert
  • Back to school breakfast
  • Pick a movie to watch every year (we watch You’ve Got Mail)
  • Style shelves with back to school decor
  • Have a show-and-tell dinner the first evening
  • Go back to school shopping
  • Put a surprise in your little learner’s backpack
  • Make a little video interview the first day of every school year
  • Set school year goals
  • Gift your child a new book at the beginning of the school year
  • Create a school year bucket list
  • Share stories from your school years over ice cream
  • Create a time capsule
  • Give the German tradition of schultüte at try
  • Find a way to incorporate service into your back to school traditions
  • Have a back-to-school brunch for parents

What back to school traditions do you have in your home?

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